Employee Selection

People are different. Jobs are different. Company cultures are different. That means employee selection is not cut and dry. Sometimes, even the experienced employee or the one with the best personality can’t do the job as well as expected. What differentiates top performers from mediocre and under-performers? Is it experience, cognitive abilities, job fit, or cultural fit?

The answer is YES! All of the above are important because he job has a required set of required skills, competencies and behaviors. But not every person has these skills. And some of them that do aren’t willing to apply them in your organization. The greater the mismatch between a person’s abilities and behaviors and the requirements of the job, the more likely that mistakes, accidents, and turnover will occur…. and the more difficult and frustrating it is for the manager. When individuals are hired or promoted into the wrong jobs, productivity suffers and morale plummets.

But hiring right and managing employees doesn’t have to be disruptive or overwhelming. CriteriaOne helps managers avoid matching the wrong person to the wrong job. By integrating job required competencies with individual personality factors, managers will know exactly how to match, manage and motivate a highly effective workforce